Big Momma's Housing can help you with...

If you're a woman, on universal credit and/or facing difficulties living with low income or violence then we can provide a safe haven for you. 

Housing in Birmingham

All of our accommodations have been completely renovated and maintained to a very high standard.


Support & Consultation

Support is a mandatory part of becoming a tenant in a supported housing setting. Support will be given on a weekly basis by the tenants assigned support worker.


we offer a range of housing with support. Designed to meet people individual needs.


Giving encouragement and self belief that they can achieve their goals.

Paramount Safeguarding and Security


the belief that everyone has a chance to succeed in life.

This is why we're Recommended

We've helped loads of vulnerable women across Birmingham with quality accommodation and support. 

We genuinely care to make a difference
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Women We’ve Helped

Profile pictures of those who have left a review will be hidden for safety reasons.
  • “Coming to big momma housing is the best thing that has ever happened to me and Saidah has been a fantastic support. Eight months ago I did not want to live any more and had no hope of a future as previous accommodation has not worked out. But now I have come to a turning point in my life with the help and support I received and this has made a big difference in my life. I lived in a shared house for six months and now progressing to a flat. I could not have done this without the help and support I received. It’s absolutely amazing how far I have come though the help I reviewed and being able to open up to someone who fully understands is really special and has led me to make so much progress. I would rate this housing group 100 per cent to anyone. I am now going on to help others.”


  • “Saida and jameel have given me the best support and the ability to have a fresh start in life, have helped me to see there are endless opportunities regardless of how hard life can be. Even during the global pandemic, they have both continued to provide as much help as needed and more, they have really made me feel at home with ease and like I have another family. Since being here, I have had time to settle in and adjust to living independently without feeling scared, alone or lost. Both saida and jameel visit weekly to check up on us girls to see how we are progressing, they have really changed my life for the better and I hope they become more known to the public so more women in need know the exact people to reach out to. ❤”


  • “Big mommas company has helped me with so much over the past month I have been with them! They have supported me with housing and how to run my own home, getting my finances straight and have given me massive support when I needed it, I wouldn’t of been able to do it without them! Big thanks to big mommas and I highly recommend them for support and help! xx”


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